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 Privacy Notice:  Forever Swim by Susan

This notice explains to customers how we use your data. We act as the data Controllers and collect and process data only for the legitimate interest of delivering the business of aquatic activities for Forever Swim by Susan.

 What information do we collect about you?
We collect information about you when you register with us or book a place on one of our courses or events. 

When booking on to a course, the categories of information that we collect, and hold include the following:
•    Personal information – e.g. names, contact numbers date of birth and addresses of both the participant and the responsible adult.
•    Emergency contact details
•    Attendance information
•    Assessment information – our teachers record the progress of each participant and the award history is saved on the booking.
•    Basic payment information – payment amounts, and date of payments are recorded on the booking. No card or bank account information is stored by us.
•    Accident reporting.
•    Relevant Medical Information. A separate Consent form will be issued to collect and hold this data in response to your request to notify the swim school of relevant Medical issues. This will be held securely and is the responsibility of the participant/parent of the participant to keep this up to date. This applies to the supporting adult as well as the child.

We also collect basic personal information needed for our waiting list that is also stored and processed by us. This can be removed upon request at any time. We actively remove this information if you do not book with us and have made us aware that our services are of no further interest to you. 

How information about you will be used?

•    To be able to provide our service to you.
•    To inform you of any changes to the service we provide. Such as a change of teacher, a cancelled lesson, payment details, updates of terms etc. We will deliver information on these changes primarily by the main email account that you issue to us upon registration. We ask that this is kept up to date with us. We also may use SMS, Facebook messenger or telephone to deliver this important information about your current service.
•    For us to be able to identify you when you contact us, or we contact you.
•    Medical information for the health and safety of the participant in sessions.
•    To enable us to comply with our legal and regulatory obligations
•    Accident reporting
•    To inform you of available spaces if you have agreed to be placed on our waiting list.

If we plan to introduce further processes for the use of your information, we will provide information about that purpose prior to such processing.

How your data is stored
We use cloud platforms to store data such as photos or videos.  Where this is the case, we ensure that adequate safeguards are established to protect your data through unique passwords and limited access.
We use email platforms to store data. We currently add your details to our email server as contact information. Where this is the case, we ensure that adequate safeguards are established to protect your data. We ensure that adequate safeguards are established to protect your data through unique passwords and limited access.
We will ask you to register your information to make sure that it is all correct and up to date. Once a customer you will be given a secure password so that you view and edit the data we store. 

This is supported by MOR Solutions LTD

To add value to your experience, we may often run competitions, events, or create newsletters to keep you informed of everything we feel you would want to know. We currently use our Facebook Page to deliver this information. To make sure you do not miss out on these, we ask you to like and visit our page at We feel that by using this interface you are in control of what you see by setting your personal preferences and your option to like and follow our page. 

We also offer further details about all our services and events on our website at

We are working towards a personal interface that will allow you to opt-in or out of finding our further promotional information from I CAN Swim School.

Video and Photographic Images
We may take and store images for the following purposes:
Support tuition and learning
For training and coaching purposes
We may take and then store video and photographic images of lessons and use these for marketing purposes on our website or social media sites. We will ask for permission before using these images, through a separate photography consent form that you will sign upon registration with us and update when necessary. From time to time we may use an outside organisation to support our Marketing. This will be for the specific purpose of supporting the requirements of I CAN Swim School Ltd and data will not be shared for other purposes.

Your photography consent will be recorded on our MOR Solutions Platform and can be withdrawn by you at any time. See our terms and considerations for further details on our photography policy. 

Who information is shared with
We do not sell or share any personal data to third parties for marketing or any other functionality other than is necessary for the service that you have agreed to.

We do share information with MOR Solutions LTD to store and process your data in line with the delivery of the service you have agreed to. MOR Solutions Ltd is a software company providing, maintaining and developing software in the leisure industry.

You can view their privacy policy by visiting:

Teachers/coaches delivering your child’s session will receive registers for their classes via our MOR Solutions platform where login to gain access to their registers is needed. You may see us using iPhone/iPad poolside which is to access this information needed for the safe delivery of lessons. Medical information and assessment details are passed to teachers via the registers.

If we need to change or add additional third parties, we will always update our Privacy Notice accordingly. We would only disclose your information to other parties in the following limited circumstances
•    where we are legally obliged to do so, e.g. to law enforcement and regulatory authorities
•    where there is a duty to disclose in the public interest
•    where disclosure is necessary to protect our interest e.g. to prevent or detect crime and fraud
•    Where you permit us to do so e.g. by providing consent for an additional service.

How long will data be stored for?
In accordance with the GDPR, we do not store personal data indefinitely; data is only stored for as long as is necessary to complete the task for which it was originally collected.

Booking information including participant’s name, class information and any accidents are kept for up to 10 years to comply with regulatory and legal requirements 

What are your rights?
Account-holders and participants have the following rights concerning the processing of their data.
You have the right to:
•    Be informed about how we use your personal data.
•    Request access to the personal data we hold.
•    Request that your personal data is amended if it is inaccurate or incomplete.
•    Request that your personal data is erased where there is no compelling reason for its continued processing.
•    Request that the processing of your data is restricted.
•    Object to your personal data being processed. 

 Changes to our Privacy Notice
This policy will be reviewed regularly and will be accessible at any time to view changes by visiting our website

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Updated 01/04/2020